Units 11-20

Units 11-20 Miner’s Way Business Units

These units are 140 square metres including a 46 metre square foot mezzanine level.

The have their own designated parking place.

These unit are modern with their own metred electricity gas , water and electricity.

Lettings enquiries are dealt with by  Lisa Pope. (Contact details below.)


Unit 11 N.G.S.
Security & Property Maintenance.
Email: info@ngssecurity.co.uk Tel No. 01304 842188.


Unit 12 Emporium Plus.
Contact Ian for early years provision.
Email: ian.blissit@theeducationpeople.org Tel No. 03000 422355


Unit 13 Emporium Plus.
Early years & primary schools provision.
Email: emporiumplus@kent.gov.uk Tel No. 03000 422255


Unit 14 Breem Construction.
Contact Carl construction needs.
Email: jenny@breemconstruction.co.uk
Tel No. 01303 297007 Mob: 0895786876


Unit 15 The Elms Pet Supplies.
Contact us for all livestock supplies.
Email: theelmspetsupplies@googlemail.com Tel No. 01304 841044


Unit 16 Diamond Hygiene.
Putting sparkle into washrooms.
Email: info@diamondhygiene.co.uk Tel No. 01304 842400


Unit 17 Dyrhoff. Contact Don Mason.
Email: donmason@dyrhoff.co.uk  Tel No. 01303 274612 Mob: 07941  100227


Unit 18 T&S Plastic Recycling.
Helping the environment.
Email: n/a Tel No. 07718 525030


Unit 19 S. D. Webb.
For all of your floor covering needs.
Email: info@sdwebb.co.uk Tel No. 01304 806142


Unit 20 Advanced Healthcare Logistic. Contact Geoff for information.
Email: Geoff@advancedhealthcare.com Tel No. 01304 842995


Lisa Pope
Lisa manages these units on behalf of Aylesham Workshop Trust.
Email: lisa@aylesham.org.uk Tel No.  01304 842826