Aylesham Workshop Trust Grants

Aylesham Workshop Trust grants.

Aylesham Workshop Trust have been awarding grants for the last twelve years and have helped 65 voluntary organisations complete projects for the benefit of their members and their community.

The trusts awards up to £1,000 maximum towards a community project with the organisation contributing 25%.

The trust award £12,000 each year and have awarded £139,000 since 2006.

Grant Protocol for Aylesham Workshop Trust Grants.

Please read the following terms and conditions to ascertain eligibility.

1. The Trustees of A & D C W T will be responsible for the approval of grants.

2. Grant applications will be accepted for bona fide projects and not for organisation revenue support.

3. Grants will only be accepted from Non Government Organisations with a committee structure and a bank account in the organisations name.

4. Any applicant will be required to tell the trust of funds within the organisations bank accounts.

5. The Grants will be given to Kent Coalfield Communities of Aylesham, Betteshanger, Chislet, Elvington, Hersden, Mill Hill, and Snowdown.

6. The maximum grant will be for £1,000.00 and the grant fund for 2018/2019 will be £10,000.

7. The Grant shall be for Capital purchase items and Projects only and each applicant will be expected to raise 25% of the project budget.

8. Application procedure will open in April, the grant will be allocated at Trustee meetings throughout the year the awarded grant must be claimed by 1st March 2019 by receipt of paid invoices.

9. There will be one set of grants paid out per year and successful applicants will be paid by cheque made payable in the organisations name who will advertise to members and clients the receipt of the Grant.

10. The proof of expenditure should be by receipts and photographic evidence of project delivered.

11. Members of Aylesham & District Community Workshop Trust will visit completed projects, assess them and deliver the payment.


Aylesham Workshop Trust Grant Application Form (PDF)

Aylesham Workshop Trust Grant Application Form (Word Doc)